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Doomed - Chuck Palahniuk

Doomed is the 2nd book in the Damned trilogy which chronicles the exploitation and exploits of 13 year old Madison Spencer, a cynical smartass with an impressive vocabulary. When Madison misses hell’s curfew on Halloween night, she becomes trapped on earth. As one of the formerly alive, she must contend with a K addled ghost hunter, the accidental damning of the whole world, and Satan’s pedophilic advances.


It’s been so long since I’ve read Damned that I had to put Doomed down after the first chapter for a quick refresher of Maddie & Co’s past exploits. Written in blog posts and tweets it moved quickly, but got stuck in a few spots–I think the author was having a little too much fun describing monkey penis and the different shades of dog turds. Doomed largely focuses on Maddie’s life with her parents and the events that lead to her being condemned to hell; so, it was mostly back-story, and in some blog posts, it takes us centuries back. Madison learns that even before she was born, someone, or something, has been shaping her destiny.


The amount of fart jokes, wiener whacking, and descriptions of bestiality were typical Chuck. Fans of the first won’t be disappointed, but I wouldn’t suggest my mother read this. It was a solid middle of a series book–not as great as the first and doesn’t have the type of expectations attached to it that the last would.