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Self-Published Kindling: The Memoirs of a Homeless Bookstore Owner

Self-Published Kindling - Mik Everett I love indie literary works, and this book won me over when I read: “At night when I can’t sleep, I string verses together, memorizing them a line at a time. (I say it craftily like that. People appreciate the metaphor.”Living out of an RV in a Wal-mart parking lot with her husband and two children, Mik offers an intimate view of the working poor. Through all the bullshit dealings with social services, running her bookshop and keeping her children fed, she still found the time to watch movies with her husband, take her kids to the park and share food and joints with her parking lot neighbors. Affliction memoirs are hit or miss, and this was a hit. There was no self-pity here—frustration, need, and even bursts of humor, but no wallowing, resentment or alienation. Even down and out, she held on to her compassion and kindness.For someone so young, Mik has had one hell of a life dealing with cancer, destitution, and homelessness. But her life is also beautiful and richly filled with family, adventure, art, and quirky characters.Having just finished A Movable Feast, I was reminded of Hadley and Zelda. The Zeldas like the novelty of risk so they choose the path of comfortable discomfort and call it adventure. The Hadleys follow their hearts and learn to use slop buckets in Paris.Keeping with the Hemingway comparison, the writing was frank and unadorned. A reader will be hard pressed to find a superfluous of or that. This intrepid, artsy and interesting woman can write and most importantly–she knows how to live. Mik is a strong woman. She may not know where she’ll be tomorrow, but she knows where she is today. I look forward to reading more of her work.