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Half Life - Pamela Kelt It’s the early days of the Third Reich, and Dr. Dulcie Bennett, an intelligent and competent scientist, finds herself embroiled in Nazi conspiracies, a simmering romance, espionage, and political intrigue. Backdropped by Norway’s icy fjords and northern lights, Half Life is an alluring, sepia toned thriller. With perfectly paced action and slow-boiling tension, you can’t help but be lured into the sultry spirit of this noir adventure.Meticulous research is critical to giving the proper atmospheric feel to an historically set novel. In this regard, Half Life is more akin to the Blitz of Poland than the invasion of Russia; that is to say, it is a resounding success. The merging of this unique story with the historical context of the time is seamlessly executed. There are no overwrought 1930’s caricatures here. Real explorers, expeditions and scientists have a role to play in the plot, and brilliant tribute is paid to John Buchen—the man credited with inventing the archetypical man on the run. The science that permeates the story is simple, accessible and fascinating. Several of the story’s elements such as cyclotrons and the Sami people sent me straight to Google to learn more.