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Lay Saints - Adam Connell In Adam Connell’s Lay Saints two extrasensory crime syndicates vie for influence over an impenetrable Politician's mind and vote.A mysterious prisoner and powerful remote viewer narrates the story--with occasional interjections-- to a memory wiped cellmate whose identity isn’t revealed until the very end. This unusual method of story-telling was a compelling touch which added an extra layer of mystery.Calder, a lonely drifter, is conflicted in his want to both flee from and form connections with people who share his unique abilities. He allows himself to be lured into the gang's seedy underbelly and remains unsure of his place in their world of manipulation, murder and double-dealings.Layered dialogue and action drive the plot in this gritty crime noir/speculative fiction mash-up. Filled with black humor and tough cynical characters, we are treated to a New York that is both stunning and sinister. The story is populated with rough and realistic Pulp fiction like characters, bizarre relationships, humorous banter, and Chinatown like twists.This captivating and vintage feeling crime novel is a must-read for any fan of these genres.