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Siren Call - Sonya C. Dodd **ETA The new cover is beautiful! Very eye catching! Let's be honest--cover design matters. This one is muted and unrefined. There isn't anything eye-catching about it. With such a saturated e-book market, this book would benefit greatly from a re-design. Dozens of glowing reviews won't matter if no one stops to look at it.Ok, with that out of the way...Eleanor and Bill live in Smuggler's Cottage, an isolated hideaway near the sea. As empty nesters, their marriage has become routine. But, when a ghostly woman takes sinister interest in their family, ominous incidents begin to derail their tranquility.The dynamic between timid and soothing Eleanor and cantankerous and controlling Bill is the real story here. Both characters go through intense and awkward growth. They learn that in order to survive they must be willing to evolve, to take control and to let go of it. A damaged woman, the villain is a hostile and vindictive spirit bent on forcing her misery onto others. She's a complicated and fully drawn antagonist. Everyone is this story is flawed and real.Beautifully written and with charming language, this was a pleasant read. It was insightful, suspenseful and the characters were well developed and complex. Yes, it's a fun ghost story, but it's a book about family and relationships told as a ghost story--that's what makes this a unique read.