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Nyx - D.M. Livingston In the spirit of Terry Pratchett and A Lee Martinez, Nyx is a comical and fantastical foray through hell. With wickedly funny footnotes that fit perfectly with the style, the only thing dry about this is the wit. A saucy, incorrigible fairy sacrifice and a band of multicultural witches find themselves unexpectedly transported into hell by way of an Ether mishap. Despite all the bickering, rivalries and clashing, the menagerie must transverse the devilish landscape with all its hysterical and horrifying dangers if they ever hope to escape. The worldbuilding was phenomenal. Truly outstanding. It’s loaded with references to ancient cities, cultures and worldwide myths, fables and legends. From fairy lore, to djinn, to Trojan demons, the research that went into the creation of this story was devotedly comprehensive. You’d have to have an impossibly sharp eye to catch all the references on the first reading. The ending was unforeseeable and shocking—it fit perfectly. If any book urgently requires a sequel, it’s this one.