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(Re)Visions: Alice - C.A. Young, Kaye Chazan, Amanda Ching, Hilary  Thomas (re)Visions–the retelling of classic tales with a modern twist–is such a great idea for a series of books. Each story was imaginative and fantastical. With Jack the Ripper, a Cheshire cheese, familiar characters reimagined as seedy gangsters, and a roving pack of street-tough cats, these stories aren’t derivative or faithful retellings, but fun and definitely adult additions to the mythology of Wonderland.(re)Visions: Alice begins with the original Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. Including the original book gave me a chance to get reacquainted with Alice, the Queen and the whole cast of quirky characters; and each time I read it, I’m reminded of just how strange and weird Alice in Wonderland really is. I probably would have missed most of the subtle touches (of which there were many) in the following stories without it.In the 4 stories we: meet a runaway who shoots down the proverbial rabbit hole, explore the unexpected origins of the Queen, watch as Jack Knave, a hard-boiled detective, solves a gritty who-done-it, and finally, root for a timid church mouse working his way across a Wonderland overrun with cats and anthropomorphic furniture.While it was slightly jarring going from the eloquent writing of Lewis Carroll to the first story in (re)Visions, after a few pages I was able to settle into the new rhythm. Some were stronger and more exciting than others, but collectively, they were worth reading.