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Descended (Fallen Guardian Saga, #1)

Descended (Fallen Guardian Saga, #1) - Debra Ann Miller Violet is a young, inexperienced Guardian looking to prove herself. She’s sent to earth in the body of Vivian, a cancer stricken teen girl. With her mentor Gabriel guiding and watching over her, Violet has a year to complete her mission– getting Carter Stone to realize his destiny and keeping both him and the world safe from evil. With forbidden love, deals with the devil, romance, and high school, Vie has quite the year ahead of her.The narrative is told in third person pov, which I have a preference for; it allows each character to fully develop their own voice without being diluted and filtered through the main protagonist’s worldview.There are a few different song lyrics used in the book which may cause the author issues down the road. Jamie McGuire’s Beautiful Disaster debacle comes to mind. There have been instances of authors unknowingly violating copy-write and having to offer customers refunds for their books then reissuing a new, violation-free copy.Not all the questions that devolved during the story were answered at the end, leaving the story open for the next book in the series. This was a good paranormal romance and a true YA story. It was clean, and I’m comfortable with passing this along to my niece.