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For Love Or Legacy (Legacy Collection, #2) - Ruth Cardello Act of Creation & Other Stories is a brisk little collection of culinary-themed short stories. With food as concenter, these shorts give us a piquant glimpse of the grieving, the presumptuous and the pompous.Act of Creation is a delicious recreation of Pygmalion’s Galatea, in this case, sculpted by a cake artist and with a dash of sympathetic magic stirred in. In What I Did for Pho, we learn not all motion is progress when a couple convince their favorite Vietnamese restaurateur to open up shop across the street.In Gurume Kurabu, an information hoarder is the victim of a little culinary subterfuge.The writing is crisp. Each story is well crafted and tasty. The characters are rich and the descriptions are tempting. These shorts will leave you hungering for more (and, consequently, with a foody infested vocabulary.)