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The Rise of Xosha (Legend of Xosha, #0.5)

The Rise of Xosha (Legend of Xosha, #0.5) - S. Cu'Anam Policar The Rise of Xosha was an imaginative and fun fantasy YA novel. Written as a prequel set 1,000 years before the forthcoming series, it focuses on the story of a displaced dragon clan, but these aren’t ordinary dragons; they’re shape shifting creatures who can control the elements. In a disastrous battle with their enemies, the Anjyl’s, or as they’re known to humans--Angels, they were forced to abandon their home. As they rebuild in a new world, they must face both old and new enemies. Xosha has tons of mythical creatures: wolves, hounds, daemons, and imps; and it comes with a cute glossary of all the creatures and their attributes. Teamwork, loyalty, family, regret, kindness and prejudice are just some of the moral lessons hidden in this fantastic and exciting fable. The lessons and themes were never overt, but definitely noticeable to an adult reader. This was a novella, so the characters didn't have as much depth as you'd expect in a full length novel. As an exposition for the main series it was a stand alone. It was quickly paced and a few of the scenes would have been better slowed down and expanded. I don't normally read fantasy stories that take themselves seriously, but this was a unique mythological YA novel.